Video cybersecurity (Wbni) in English

In this short information film we tell you more about the ‘Wet beveiliging netwerk- en informatiediensten’. We give you a brief explanation about the duty of care and reporting and about the role of the CSIRT. Due to the international nature of cyber security, we also have an English-language version of the film available.

0.0  Anna wakes up and rises.
0.10 Anna takes a shower.
0.11 Hacker is sitting behind a computer.
0.11 The light goes out in an apartment building.
0.16 The water in Anna’s shower doesn’t get hot.
0.23 Animation explains that the security of network and information systems act is here to make sure our systems are digitally resilient.
1.01 Anna’s waiting for the tram.
1.04 The travel information services do not work.
1.05 Anna’s travel app also doesn’t work.
1.05 Anna passes a neighbour who has trouble charging his electrical car.
1.27 Electricity is out in a server room.
1.32 Anna tries to check an elderly couple in at the hotel where she works.
1.38 Her iPad doesn’t work.
1.44 Animation explains that Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands supervises the operators of essential services and assesses their security and risk management.
2.10 Anna walks down the street in the evening.
2.13 She sees on her news app that an oil refinery has caught fire and doors and windows need to be kept shut.
2.17 Animation explains that Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands and CSIRT is here to make the Netherlands digitally resillient.
2.52 Anna has finally come home and has a nice dinner in front of the tv with her boyfriend.
3.06 Anna turns off the light and goes to sleep.